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What the fark is up?

We’ve created a
unique culture at

Our Mission

To understand what your obstacles are online and seeing if we have a solution for it(Not all clients are a good fit at farkal).  Then discover a strategy with clear timelines and execute with the precision of an Unsullied warior.

Our Values

We have a set of 5 core values that we honor at farkal.

  • Flexibility
    • Ability to pivot if needed and keeping an open mind for changes as we evolve to better serve our client base.
  • Integrity
    • Do what’s right for the company and our clients.
  • Humor
    • We spend the majority of our lives at work, we need to have fun and cut loose a little for dance off Fridays.
  • Helpful
    • Every team member is encouraged to solve problems on their own, but we are a team.  Every team member is accessible no matter the role.
  • Improvement
    • Self-development is a key component to evolving as a company.  We love seeing our team members progress on a personal or professional level, and it promotes a healthier mindset as we tackle challenges at farkal.


We’re here for our clients.  Doesn’t matter if they want to talk about the latest GoT(Game of Thrones) episode or improving their website – we’re here for you.

Working hours
were spent

No.  We didn’t keep track – we’re ball-parking here, but there was much time spent creating the equation to come up with this number.  It’s probably 99.99999% correct!

Times we've watched
every episode of the Office.

And we still tear up on the episode when Michael Scott leaves… We should have started a count on how many times we hear someone say that’s what she said.

Emotes sent over
our company Slack


Join the
many satisfied

Significant Speed Increase on all our websites!
“After migrating our websites to Farkal, we noticed an immediate improvement in load times. If your website doesn't load within 3 seconds, you're going to be left behind.``
John B.

Co-founder, Rapid Purchases

Amazing customer service!
“5 stars for this web agency! If anyone wants an example of what real customer service is like - check out the guys at Farkal!”
Kira P.

Director, The Women's Collective

Migration included and fast servers? The decision was easy.
“Farkal made switching so easy, and now my website runs twice as fast.”
Chris L.

Mortgage Broker, C2 Financial

I guess we're pretty awesome...

Some awards we've
been recognized for.

Awards are fun,  but we value our customer feedback over some awards organization.

5x w. Hosting Award

3x Webby Dev of the Year

5x FWA of the Month

Let's work together.

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